book jacket Middle of NowhereCritical Acclaim

In the Middle of Nowhere

"Being a bush person myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which paints a very real picture of life in the Outback."

Dr Colleen McCullough

"This is a modern adventure story, inspirational and enthralling."

Sunday Times

“This book needs no endorsement from me or anyone else. People are reading it and recommending it to one another. Good wine needs no bush. Buy it and enjoy it.”

Morris West, AM

"I shall always cherish my friendship with this great Australian family. As you read their intriguing story you'll think, "How can they do it? Why would they do it?" It takes a special breed to accept the challenge. Thank God Australia still produces such sturdy stock."

Daryl Somers

"At the heart of this story is a young city nurse who embarked on a big adventure to become one of Australia's most remarkable Outback women."

Caroline Jones, introduction to the ABC Australian Story cassette

"The writing is splendid, and her description of the difficulties and tribulations of life in the outback ...paint such a clear picture of living problems presented by remote parts of Australia that I have no hesitation in comparing it favourably with Mrs Gunn's old classic (We of the Never Never). It is a book I will always cherish....Through the pages of her fascinating narrative lurks more than a hint at times she....shares with Banjo "the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended and at night the wondrous glory of the everlasting stars."

Canberra Times

"Terry and John Underwood have defied climate, isolation and a land as unforgiving as it is remote to carve a place for themselves in the furthermost reaches of the Australian outback. In doing so, they may also have carved a niche for themselves in Australian folklore."

Derek Hanson, author of Lunch with Mussolini, Sole Survivor, Blockade, Dead Fishy and Psycho Cat.

"It's a book in the genre of We of the Never Never, about a woman's growing love for her man and his country ... It's a book for Territorians to be proud of, an important addition to the story of how the Territory came to be what it is today."

Historian Peter Forrest, Northern Territory News

"But this is more than a simple autobiography. You can smell the looming danger, triumph and tragedy on the get absorbed in the day-to-day life of the Underwoods and the end comes too soon. This Territory soap opera being played out on a big dusty set leaves you pining for more."

Nikki Voss, Northern Territory News

"Terry's life with Big Bad John reads like a Hollywood love story. Together and alone, 'in the middle of nowhere', though the stars in the heroine's eyes are often full of tears, and her man nearly perishes, they follow their dream to build a family – and the mighty Australian enterprise, Riveren!"

John Stephen Ayliffe, author of Blind Man's Bluff

Terry Underwood is all the things a person SHOULD be...she's brave, gutsy, loyal, funny, smart and interesting. That's quite a tribute, but then Terry is quite a woman....In the Middle of Nowhere sounds like a good place to live."

Janise Beaumont, Wentworth Courier

" cannot dispute that it is a special woman's story of her family and the people who mean most to her. It is Terry's way of sharing her outback life experiences with others. She tells it simplistically with warmth and from the heart."

The Age

book Jacket Riveren

Critical Acclaim

Riveren: My Home, Our Country

"Flicking through the pages of Underwood's second book is a richly rewarding experience. You won't be disappointed."

NZ Herald

"It's a story of how things are done on a modern and efficient cattle station, of what the country and people are like. It's a great book not least because Terry's splendid photographs create the vivid record which people need if they are to understand. And understanding will flow from this book - it's a wonderful foundation for the bridge we so badly need to rebuild between the city and the bush."

Peter Forrest, Historian, Northern Territory News

"'Once I was an outsider,' writes Terry Underwood in her new book RIVEREN: My Home, Our Country. 'In 1963 at St Vincent's Hospital, I nursed a strapping young stockman from way up north...' The rest is history.
If you loved Underwood's first book, In The Middle Of Nowhere, you'll adore this collection of stories and photographs from Underwood's cattle station home."

The Sun-Herald Tempo