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In the Middle of Nowhere

One woman's powerful story of love and life on a remote cattle station.

Also available on audio cassette, read by the author.

Riveren: My Home, Our Country

A breathtaking collection of stories and photographs. Terry captures the essence and colour of life on her beloved Outback station.

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In the Middle of Nowhere
Dr Colleen McCullough
Sunday Times
Morris West
Daryl Somers
Caroline Jones
Canberra Times
Derek Hanson
Peter Forrest
Nikki Voss
John Stephen Ayliffe
Janise Beaumont
The Age

In the Middle of Nowhere

This autobiography is a “must read”. The remarkable journey of a young city convert following her man and his dream to the back of beyond involves the reader with rare intimacy. In one of the most remote locations in the world, you share their hopes and heartaches, joys and laughter, with emotions as deep as the love of Terry and John Underwood.

A recommended read for 2002 – The Year of the Outback, this book transports you to the real Outback of Australia, to experience and understand the wondrous beauty and challenges of that timeless land, its people and animals. An unforgettable literary treasure.

"As we focus our attention on Australia's Outback during 2002, on the importance of Outback Australia to our nation's past, present and future, we must recognise the spirit of the people who have chosen to follow their destiny in that untamed land.

In The Middle of Nowhere revolves around the story of two people who fell in love, followed their hearts and committed to building their lives together: a home, a family, a business.
Terry and John Underwood will say that they started with "little", but what they neglect to acknowledge is that they started with an immense depth of pioneering spirit; a strong commitment to hard work, of "getting the job done", and after thirty five years remark that "although Riveren is well developed and boasts a well-managed herd of Brahman cattle, there is much hard work yet to be done."

Australia's Year of the Outback salutes the women of the Outback. They are of the Land, Our Land.

Terry Underwood has shared her journey in her first book, In The Middle Of Nowhere. 2002 Year of the Outback salutes both Terry and her story."

Ruth E. Wilson – CEO, Year of the Outback

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Critical Acclaim...
Riveren. My Home, Our Country

NZ Herald

Riveren: My Home, Our Country

In this beautiful sequel to "In the Middle of Nowhere" Terry's photographs and stories bring alive the experience of Riveren: the people, the animals, the mighty landscape; the dust, the heat and the life-giving Wet.
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