WindmillJourney into the heart of Australia to experience and cherish the unique Outback through the camera and words of Terry Underwood - wife, mother, cattlewoman, nurse, book-keeper, cook, counsellor, gardener, photographer and writer. These are just some of the roles Terry juggled each day on her remote and beloved Riveren Station, 600 kilometres south west of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

book jacketsTerry Underwood, writer and photographer, lived on a remote cattle station in Northern Territory, Australia for 45 years. Terry's best-seller called In The Middle Of Nowhere, tells her story beginning in the bright lights of Sydney where she first met husband, John Underwood. The couple married in the early 60's and took up family life in a bough shed, without electricity or running water, 600 kilometres from anywhere, at Riveren. By the time John and Terry retired in 2013, Riveren, three thousand square kilometres of cattle station, supported twenty thousand head of Brahman cattle.

Ambassador for the Outback

Terry's photography and her many speaking engagements have also helped convey a sense of what is so special about the Northern Territory, the Australian outback and its people, to a much wider audience. As Ambassador for 'Year of the Outback', Terry was to not only initiate the idea but also to coordinate a major fund raising exercise for the Katherine Icon - the stockman's tribute. This one and a half times larger-than-life-sized bronze statue of a stockman on horseback by outback sculptor Archie St Clair, is a lasting tribute to the pioneers of the pastoral industry.

Archie St Clair's Stockman's TributeThrough the generosity of 86 sponsors worldwide the dream became a reality. Terry Underwood stated in her address at the Official Opening Ceremony:

'I did not have to search for a role model. There was one obvious person, one who qualified beyond dispute in a variety of ways. With the blessing of Dorothy and family, I announced that Sabu Peter Sing was the role model for the Katherine Icon.

A gentle humble man , he was our mate. He rode beside my husband John and many of you gathered here today. Sabu's outstanding skills as bushman, horseman, stockman and cattleman were widely recognised and acclaimed. Born of the Wardaman tribe, Sabu epitomised different races and cultures. At Wave Hill Station, he met his match and in 1970 Dorothy became his wife and soul mate. Tragically killed in 1993, Sabu's spirit lives on through his children Samantha, Gregory, Lionel and Damien. And now through Sabu, the chosen representative of all people - blackfella, whitefella, yellafella - our history and heritage will be immortalised. We are all inextricably linked'.